Polysand composite paving slab
Polysand composite pavers are the perfect solution for your driveway, as they combine aesthetic look with high functionality of the Polysand™ material which make them a great value for your money. Polysand pavement slabs are made of the mixture of sand, recycled polymers and high quality color and protective additives.

Over 70% of the paver is sand.

Polysand slab

Polysand composite pavers will not fade over time as we use high quality protection system and color pigments. Our pavers and bricks are virtually unbreakable and can withstand temperatures from -60C to +80C degrees.

The weight of one brick is only 2 pounds.
It is 3 times lighter than a concrete brick.

Polysand tiles is the hardest and durable material

Installation of Polysand pavers is easy and fast. You can cut the paving brick with any circular saw. All the cut-offs can be recycled back to our products.

polysand paver color selection

The color of the bricks and paving slabs can be customized to your preference or you can choose from our standard color selection.

Advantages of our composite pavers.


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