About Polysand

Polysand is a manufacturer of synthetic roofing tiles and driveway pavers based in Ontario, Canada.   We make our roofing tiles using virgin polymers and specially engeneered recycled fillers. We are dedicated to recycling and continue improving and development of new technologies and materials.

"With the advent of new technologies and development of polymer industry, we were able to create an innovative synthetic material - Polysand™, which is the base of all our products."

What is Polysand™ material?

Polysand™ is an innovative material of the 21st century. The first attempt to use polymer as a connecting link in building products was made back in the 90s. The rapidly evolving plastic industry led to the development of new composite materials. After the successful attempt to use polymer instead of cement, the first polymer based tiles were introduced to the market. Today, Polysand has significantly improved the manufacturing process of this material and continues to develop it further.

Advantages of our composite roofing tiles.