POLYSAND - Unbreakable composite Slate roofing tile.
Polysand synthetic Slate Roofing Tile
Using our composite Polysand™ material we created synthetic Slate roofing tile. With its 1/2'' thickness the weight of one tile is only 3.6 pounds, that is 4 times lighter than the natural slate of the same size. Outstanding durability and affordable price make it the best available roofing material on the market.
Polysand Slate roofing tile

Polysand composite Slate tile is 100% green product. The main components are the silica sand and recycled polymers. This combination makes our tile almost unbreakable. Our superior UV protection guarantees no fading or color change. You are getting the full protection from sun, snow, hail, wind and rain.

Polysand Slate roofing tile

Polysand composite Slate tile represents 12'' wide by 7'' to 10 1/2'' high slate-like tile. The installation process is fast and easy, tiles are installed much like natural slate with two nails holding the tile in place. Locking mechanism on the side protects from leaking and there is no need to use adhesives for bonding the tile. Marks on the sidelock help to set the required exposure simplifying installation process. Tiles can be easily cut with a circular saw, and all the cut-offs can be returned and recycled again in our product.

Polysand Slate tile colors

Advantages of our composite roofing shingles.

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